Pink Palazzo by Kiki Astor

The cover of romance novel "The Size of the Boat" by author Kiki Astor, featuring a man's torso and a yacht.

She came to Palm Beach to fix her life, but instead found faded grandeur, dark secrets, and forbidden passion.


Penny Wells, a self-designated architectural historian, is a girl living in the past. In the future, she’ll eventually come into a large family trust fund. Which means that, at present, her life feels like a not particularly exciting parenthesis. But when her grandmama dies, it seems that she may not have handed Penny the keys to the palace- or, in this case, her pink Venetian style palazzo in Palm Beach, after all.

When she arrives in Palm Beach and starts digging, Penny finds that the very foundations of her identity are being eroded. And that estate? It’s disintegrating like Florida limestone. With nothing solid to hang onto, she throws herself at the hot handyman who works in the apartment building across the street. But will he be able to fix everything, or is he her ultimate undoing?


 -“This was such an engaging read. I literally could not turn the pages more quickly.” -A.C.

-“Loved this second chance romance set in France” -Kari A.

-“Relatable characters, compelling plot, and just enough spice.” -Sergeant X.

-“Vivid imagery. An author of considerable skill.” -Brandon A.

-“Kiki completely nails the culture and environment of St Tropez.” -Robin F.