Kiki Astor

Romance Author and Ex Rich Person

Kiki Astor is the author of Stick and Ball, set in the elite playground that is Montecito, California and Meat my Fish, set in tropical St Barth.

Her upcoming romance novels are set in wealthy enclaves such as Gstaad, St. Tropez, Greenwich, Beverly Hills, Middleburg, and Napa Valley.

Kiki lives a geographically confused but rich life with her delightful husband, mortified children, and incredibly demanding lap dog.

When she isn’t penning slightly naughty stories, she keeps herself busy doling out rich life, Old Money, and etiquette advice on TikTok as everyone’s favorite Auntie Kiki.

Have burning question about highfalutin manners and the lifestyle and mores of the .01%? 

Romance Author and ex rich person  Kiki Astor wearing her trademark glasses

Who doesn’t like free books?

What is your EXACT old money aesthetic?

Old money, new money, or no money, everyone’s got an #oldmoneyaesthetic that’s right for them- what’s yours?

LL Bean Boat and Tote with custom embroidery reading "I luv smut" with three of Author Kiki Astor's books: Stick and Ball, Meat my Fish, and The Size of The Boat


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Awkward Etiquette with Kiki Astor

The podcast you didn’t know you needed.

Have burning etiquette or old money aesthetic questions? Wondering what to wear? Want to live a rich life on a nouveau pauvre budget? Auntie Kiki’s podcast is a treasure trove of information and inspiration.

Books by Kiki Astor

Smart, escapist steamy romance books that transport you to exclusive enclaves where the rich and famous live and play.

 How are your manners, really?

Are you an etiquette maven, or have you dropped your pedigree papers?


-Keeps you right there until the end- then leaves you wanting more. -Christine D.

-Entertaining AF. -Gabbi S.

-Smart, spicy, addictive fun. Kiki Astor is the new Jackie Collins. -Anna E.B.

-I literally galloped through this steamy romp of a book! -Georgia G.

-Peeks into the lives of the ultra rich, horses, and royal tittle-tattle. -Christiane B.T.

Kiki Astor in the News!


“Polo oozes sex. All that leather and sweat…” – Daily Mail.

“About a year and a half ago, “Old Money TikTok” became a phenomenon, but it’s still going strong, with figures like (…) Kiki Astor demystifying (…) what “old-money” types actually wear: L.L.Bean Boat and Totes instead of Chanel handbags, Barbour jackets instead of Blair Waldorf plaids.”   –Harper’s Bazaar.

“Polo is a hyper-sexual sport. Everyone is having affairs. There is a lot of sex. You have macho men, many of whom are gorgeous and Argentinian, thundering around on horseback holding big mallets playing a game which is fast and dangerous.” –2OceansVibe

“TikTok’s ‘Old Money’ guru Kiki Astor @kikiastor unveils new romance novel, ‘Low Season In St. Tropez’ – a luxe romance mixing love, glamour, and adventure.” –Fox 59

“A provocative package, to be sure.” –Siteline SB

Auntie kiki’s blog

Old money lifestyle & aesthetic, etiquette tips, and inspiration.