Villa for Rent on St Barts by Kiki Astor

The cover of romance novel "Meat my Fish" by Kiki Astor, featuring a handsome shirtless man.

It’s hot in the tropics.

But things are about to get steamier.


When Brooke finds out her husband has not only been cheating on her, but has spent all their money, she has limited options. Deciding to stay behind on the chic tropical island of St Barts, where she owns a luxurious vacation home, seems like a no brainer. But she won’t be on vacation: Brooke needs to rent out the house and act as house manager and private chef to make ends meet. Between difficult clients and the psycho billionaire next door who will not hesitate to use illegal and dangerous tactics to buy the house out from under her, Brooke is having a tough time.

The one bright spot is Antoine, the local meat and fish purveyor, who is ever-helpful and oh so easy on the eyes. But why does he always seem to be around when there’s trouble?


 -Anonymous. -“Gripping. I finished it before landing in my holiday destination. Best enjoyed with a Pina Colada!” -Iliana Z.

-“Brooke is such a badass and the chemistry between the characters is a fun experience.” -Anonymous.

-“Pack this in your carry-on and your beach tote!”

-“A romantic story, with suspense and intrigue to keep you on your toes.” -L.M.

-“Sizzle and Sass.” -A.C.