Auntie Kiki’s Fabulous Quizzes

Have you ever wondered what your exact old money aesthetic is? Which old money paint color you should choose for your home? Whether you actually know your etiquette? Take the quizzes and find out!

What is your EXACT old money aesthetic?

Old money, new money, or no money, everyone’s got an #oldmoneyaesthetic that’s right for them- what’s yours?

Which old money paint color is right for your space?

Cottage, mansion, or apartment, everyone’s got an #oldmoneyaesthetic paint that’s right for them- what’s yours?

How are your manners, really?

Are you an etiquette maven, or have you dropped your pedigree papers, darling? Here’s how to find out.

Which Kiki Astor book should you read first?

Each of Kiki’s books is a while lot of fun, but perhaps there is one that would suit better at this juncture? Take this freakishly accurate quiz and find out which book to read first.

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