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What is your EXACT old money aesthetic?

Old money, new money, or no money, everyone’s got an #oldmoneyaesthetic that’s right for them- what’s yours?

Old money aesthetic shopping with Kiki Astor

Romance Author and Ex Rich Person

If you’ve seen Auntie Kiki’s videos, you may be wondering where you can buy many of the old money aesthetic things I mention in them. First of all, most of these things can be gotten secondhand or stolen from the mudroom, darling! I never want you to spend money for nothing. But, if you’re looking for some items that will complete your old money look, look no further. I have an Amazon storefront just for you!

Free Kiki Astor romance books mean more money for shopping!

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Stick and Ball

Ashley Miller left behind her horse farm in Montana to escape her violent, controlling husband and took a Greyhound bus to paradise. But she’s an inexperienced country girl- not equipped for the kind of games people play in the wealthy enclave of Montecito, California. Soon, Ashley meets her Prince Charming. But he’s a hot to trot Argentine polo champion who is by all accounts a player in both senses of the word. Could Ashley be blamed for deciding to play it safe with another guy, one who seems like a real gentleman? Too bad he’s an actual prince. Too bad he’s very married. Too bad Ashley doesn’t realize that- until it’s too late.

Horses, polo, passion, a gorgeous setting, and royals behaving badly…this book has them in spades.

Villa For Rent on St Barts

When Brooke finds out her husband has not only been cheating on her, but has spent all their money, she has limited options. Deciding to stay behind on the chic tropical island of St Barts, where she owns a luxurious vacation home, seems like a no brainer. But she won’t be on vacation: Brooke needs to rent out the house and act as house manager and private chef to make ends meet. Between difficult clients and the psycho billionaire next door who will not hesitate to use illegal and dangerous tactics to buy the house out from under her, Brooke is having a tough time.

The one bright spot is Antoine, the local meat and fish purveyor, who is ever-helpful and oh so easy on the eyes. But why does he always seem to be around when there’s trouble?

Low Season in St Tropez

Constance has a problem. Seen from the outside, it seems like this interior designer for yachts has a charmed life. But in reality, she can’t seem to stay the course, whether it’s for her job or in a relationship. She can’t help it: sometimes, it’s easier just to jump ship. But now, she finds herself at the end of her rope, consigned to a project in St Tropez in the off season, and it just so happens that her ex boyfriend, Lorenzo, is not only in town, but unavoidable.

Anchors away! You’ll love this romantic tale full of escapism AND forced proximity.