Old money aesthetic shopping with Kiki Astor

Before you shop, you might want to know:

What is your EXACT old money aesthetic?

Old money, new money, or no money, everyone’s got an #oldmoneyaesthetic that’s right for them- what’s yours?

If you’ve seen Auntie Kiki’s videos, you may be¬†wondering where you can buy many of the old money aesthetic things I mention in them. First of all, most of these things can be gotten secondhand or stolen from the mudroom, darling! I never want you to spend money for nothing. But, if you’re looking for some items that will complete your old money look, look no further. I have an Amazon storefront just for you!

Free Kiki Astor romance books mean more money for shopping!

Kiki Astor Merch!

Our cheeky tees and sweatshirts will have you announcing to the world that you are clutching your pearls or beseeching those around you to pardon your French…there are new designs being added to the collection frequently so do check them out!

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