Low Season in St Tropez by Kiki Astor

The cover of romance novel "The Size of the Boat" by author Kiki Astor, featuring a man's torso and a yacht.

In winter, in St Tropez, you have two choices: jump ship, or get in a boatload of trouble.


Seen from the outside, curvy, charming yacht designer Constance Morgan lives a glamorous, international life. But in reality, it’s not smooth sailing. Whether it’s due to her ADHD or to her checkered romantic past, when it comes to her job and relationships, she finds that sometimes, it’s easier to just cut and run. Constance needs a change of tack before her career ends up dead in the water. When she’s assigned a challenging project in St Tropez in the winter, she dreads being cold, bored, and lonely. Except that Constance’s ex boyfriend, Lorenzo, AKA the man who broke her heart, just happens to be in town. Will Constance be able to navigate the most important project of her career, while trying to protect her heart from the man she’s still irresistibly drawn to?


 -“This was such an engaging read. I literally could not turn the pages more quickly.” -A.C.

-“Loved this second chance romance set in France” -Kari A.

-“Relatable characters, compelling plot, and just enough spice.” -Sergeant X.

-“Vivid imagery. An author of considerable skill.” -Brandon A.

-“Kiki completely nails the culture and environment of St Tropez.” -Robin F.