Old money aesthetic and quiet luxury maternity outfits


  Let’s talk maternity clothing, because this seems to be quite a challenge to many people, and just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can drop your standards. And yes, you do have plenty of choices, darling, even within the old money aesthetic. I find that pregnant women from high society, old money, don’t quite luxury leaning types tend to fall into one or several of a few different camps when it comes to maternity style.

One thing they don’t do is expose their belly left, right, and center. Of course you should be proud of it, you shouldn’t be ashamed of it, but if you’re not the sort of person who walks around in a midriff top in normal circumstances, why are you showing your belly now? It’s a bit odd. Everyone knows you’re pregnant.

Now on the opposite end of the scale is the woman who is terribly embarrassed to be pregnant because it’s proof that she’s no longer a virgin. So, she’s going to start dressing in very childish, innocent dresses. You know, the Laura Ashley, Lily Pulitzer, you name it. Hill House Nap Dress situation that you see here, and that’s fine.

It’s very good at disguising a pregnancy, but you’re not fooling anyone. We know how you got pregnant, darling. Then you have the princess style. I see this in many high society ladies and professional ladies. This is a wonderful combination where you wear a shift covered up by a jacket or a dress. This doesn’t completely disguise the pregnancy, but it does hide your large arse while putting your belly front and center, but not in a vulgar way.

I really do appreciate the different examples you’re seeing on the screen of this sort of pregnancy dressing. Then we have the minimalist. I don’t mind this look either. It’s a bit Californian. California rich look, so it’s not really old money, but I can appreciate that this is rather elegant when done right.

So it is a close fitting, long, monochromatic dress topped with a sweater, or paired with flat sandals. Quite elegant and streamlined, but not really old money, but not offensive either. You can wear this. Then we have the preppy New England pregnancy. This is where you’re basically in denial. You’re going to be wearing your white jeans or blue jeans topped with a dress.

Oxford Many pregnant women I know go with this look is it sexy is it stylish not necessarily But it is rather fresh and you can wear this every day one very important thing about old money Pregnant ladies is that they don’t buy a ton of maternity clothing. This is a moment to be endured. Of course, celebrate it a little bit, but not through your clothing.

You’re not going to waste on things you won’t wear again. And of course, finally, you’ve got the resourceful lady who has some dresses and some trousers that she can adapt to her new shape. And especially crossover wrap dresses or large linen trousers. These work quite well for the pregnant figure and so you can go on wearing these.

All in all, darling, so many choices and you should be happy and lucky that we’re not living in Victorian times when the well to do pregnant lady wore a pregnancy corset like this. The horror. I hope this helped.


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