Stick and Ball by Kiki Astor

The cover of the romance novel, "Stick and Ball," by author Kiki Astor, featuring a sexy polo player wearing white jeans and horseback riding boots, and a tattoo of polo mallets and crown.

Sometimes, Prince Charming

is not the one you think…

Ashley Miller left behind her horse farm in Montana to escape her violent, controlling husband and took a Greyhound bus to paradise. But she’s an inexperienced country girl- not equipped for the kind of games people play in the wealthy enclave of Montecito, California. Soon, Ashley meets her Prince Charming. But he’s a hot to trot Argentine polo champion who is by all accounts a player in both senses of the word. Could Ashley be blamed for deciding to play it safe with another guy, one who seems like a real gentleman? Too bad he’s an actual prince. Too bad he’s very married. Too bad Ashley doesn’t realize that- until it’s too late.

Horses, polo, passion, a gorgeous setting, and royals behaving badly…this book has them in spades.


-Keeps you right there until the end- then leaves you wanting more. -Christine D.

-Entertaining AF. -Gabbi S.

-Smart, spicy, addictive fun. Kiki Astor is the new Jackie Collins. -Anna E.B.

-I literally galloped through this steamy romp of a book! -Georgia G.

-Peeks into the lives of the ultra rich, horses, and royal tittle-tattle. -Christiane B.T.