Being a socialite isn’t all pretty dresses and fun parties…



What is a socialite? Some of you hear this word and think of Paris Hilton or Sofia Richie. But let’s delve into what a socialite actually is. A socialite hails from a wealthy, prominent, perhaps even aristocratic family, and is a key player in high society. That’s the fundamental difference between a socialite and a celebrity.

Most celebrities are not part of high society. Things have changed since the Gilded Age, darling. You no longer need to be in the social register to be a socialite. You just need to be a philanthropist. It doesn’t really matter how you made your money, as long as you give away gobs of it. Money, after all, is social currency.

Instead of having traditional employment, a socialite attends events, parties, and charity galas. To be a good socialite, you need some attention from the press. How you get it is your business. Perhaps daddy owns a newspaper or there’s a whiff of scandal about you. It’s best if you’re the sort of person that people want to paint and imitate your outfits.

To be a socialite, you need some kind of selling point or unique brand. The Mitford sisters came as a set, for example. If you’re one of the rare male socialites, like Beau Brummell, it’s good to have a great name, be a dandy, be an arbiter of fashion, and have a bit of a catty streak. As a socialite, you need influential friends, but you also should have a feud with at least one of them. After all, who doesn’t like you is almost as important as who does.

It’s good to marry and divorce the right kind of people. No one said you had to get it right the first time. Could you be a muse to someone? Being a muse is incredibly chic. If you have scandalous socialites in your family tree, that is wonderful. Just be prepared to fight for your position because someone, darling, needs to be on top, and it might as well be you.

Yes, darling, people think it’s so easy to be a socialite, but you have to keep fighting while not eating, looking fabulous in your outfits, and always being in the right place. It’s exhausting. And the worst part is, almost no one cares.

So, what else do you need? The right connections, a sense of style, and perhaps a touch of controversy. It’s a delicate balance of charm, influence, and notoriety. And remember, always be camera-ready and have a signature look. You must maintain your brand, darling, because in the world of socialites, perception is everything.

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