Are you wearing the wrong Barbour jacket? (And are you wearing it wrong?)


Are you wearing the wrong Barbour jacket? (And are you wearing it wrong?)

 What does your Barbour jacket say about you?  If you’re wearing the Ashby, which is the slim fit, you’re a bit of a fashionista, you wanted to buy into the Barbour brand, but you’re a city person who’s pretending to be a country person. But listen, it’s still relatively classic, it’s all weather, you can wax it, you can put things in the pocket, and wear things under it.

The Bedale is for equestrians, it’s shorter length, has a more relaxed fit for sitting on a horse, with a back vent, and also a special strip that provides resistance to the moisture from the horses. This gets very stinky. You can also zip in a thermal liner. No one does this.

There’s a slimmed down version for women called the Beadnell. Speaking from experience, these things run quite small, and make you feel like a fatso. 

Beaufort is classic, quintessential. Everyone has at least one of these in the mudroom. This thing works well over a suit or over your jumper or hunting wear. They say you can add a hood to the corduroy collar. No one does this. There’s a game pocket in the rear if you play that sort of game. Oh! I guess you can put a duck in it.


The Beacon Sports Edition… It’s very expensive. No one’s doing sports in this. Don’t buy it. They tell you to size up because it runs very small. This tells you everything you need to know.

The International Original was originally for motorcyclists. I think that with the logo, the styling, and everything else, it is now primarily worn by wankers. 


If you’re wearing the quilted jacket, Why?


Definitely wear any of the fashion collaborations if you want to waste your money.

As for styling: Does it look new? Run it over with the Land Rover. Are you more the new money type? Run it over with the Range Rover. I won’t tell if you don’t. No liners. No hoods. Get it rewaxed by Barbour on occasion but understand that it is much better at keeping your sweat in than it is at keeping the rain out. If the sleeves of your jacket are too short- no, that’s right. If it’s dirty, stinky, sticky, smelly, you’re doing it right. If it gets torn, duct tape it.

 I hope this helped, darling.

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