Auntie Kiki was lucky enough to visit St Barth for research this winter for her steamy romance novel, Meat my Fish, so here’s my guide to this dreamy tropical paradise. Many of these spots are mentioned in the book. Enjoy!

“Indulge in this page-turning romance novel that blends passion, suspense, and the mouthwatering allure of St. Barts. ‘Meat my Fish’ is a spellbinding tale that will leave you hungry for more.”

Best Beaches in St Barth

St Jean, of course. This beach is long and gorgeous, lined with beach clubs, with white sands and turquoise waters. bring your own towel and umbrella, or go check out Gypsea, Nikki Beach, or Nao and be waited on hand and foot.

Saline. This beach is easy access but feels like a locals spot. there are no hotels here, and you can spot Roman Abramovich’s house, the old Rockefeller estate, near the parking area. This peninsula and beach is what inspired the main location in Meat my Fish.

Colombier is quite a hike, but you’ll be rewarded with these Instagram-worthy pools if you make the trek, depending on the tides.

Favorite Restaurants in St Barth

Nikki Beach: This is where Brooke and crew dine on the first night. A little “M’as tu vu,” a little tacky, but there is no better people watching, and their tropical take on sushi rolls is delish.

Shellona is a beach restaurant, right in town, on the other side of Gustavia (it’s called Shellona because the beach is not sand, but shell)… Antoine’s house is on this beach in Meat my Fish.

Tamarin: This is a stunning location, anchored by an ancient tamarind tree. A perfect, romantic nighttime choice.

Gypsea is more chill than Nikki Beach, with great service, and dare I say better food? I adored this place, would have gone back multiple times if I’d had longer than a week.

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Where to Stay in St Barth

This one looks fancy, but it’s half the price of some. Le Manapany is where Auntie Kiki and her husband stayed, and would again stay there without hesitation. This is a eco-hotel, too, which makes you feel quite virtuous, darling.

Wonder where all the Euro snobs go? Look no further than Cheval Blanc. We found it a bit glacial and unwelcoming, but perhaps we are simply too Nouveau Pauvre for the staff.

Got gobs of cash? Try the Eden Roc. Literally built on a rock once owned by legendary St Barths developer and Airport namesake Remy de Haenen, the Eden Roc is ideally located on St Jean beach.

Unique St Barth Experiences

Charter a boat for the day. It doesn’t have to be a yacht, darling. Size doesn’t always matter…but there is no better way to explore some of the best swimming and snorkeling locations around the island.

Are sea turtles your spirit animal? You’re in luck! They can be spotted all over the island, and notably at Anse Du Grand Cup de Sac and Colombier.

Do like Brooke and tool around the island on an electric Mini Moke. You can make a pit stop at Le Toiny for a drink as Brooke and Antoine do, or simply drive aimlessly on the lookout for the next spectacular view.

Shopping in St Barth

If you’re wondering where all those chic European girls on Saint Barth get their floral print dresses, looking further than Poupette St Barth. Buy it there, or be prepared by purchasing their pretty pieces online.

Extend your vacation with the nostalgic scent of Ligne St Barth products. From sunscreen to body wash, they’ve got you covered.

If you didn’t snap up one of Bijoux de la Mer’s iconic pearl and leather confections, did you even go to St Barth?

Le Cellier du Gouverneur is a wine snob’s heaven. Did you know that old tax laws mean that wine is dirt-cheap on Saint Barth? Now you do.

My character Antoine would kill me for mentioning this- after all, he is a Meat and Fish purveyor focused on artisanal products, but the Super U on St Barths is a true red carpet shopping experience.