How to choose between Stick and Ball and Meat my Fish by romance author Kiki Astor? You can’t read them both at once- so how do you choose? What do you read, or which one do you read first? Here’s a handy guide to Kiki Astor’s first two books.

Stick And Ball is the first book. Check it out if you want something that:

-Transports you to gorgeous Montecito, California, home of numerous celebrities. 

-Has a cheeky storyline with a love triangle, mistaken identity, simmering passion, steamy scenes, royals behaving badly, and a plucky heroine bravely getting herself out of a dangerous situation.

-Exposes you to the sexy, exciting world of world-class polo….horses, Argentine polo players, barn politics…it’s all here.

Don’t read it if:

-You will get upset at the royal storyline- it’s all in good fun, but Auntie Kiki totally gets that some people won’t like that!

-You’re triggered by scenes of implied domestic violence. (Ashley will have the happy ending she deserves, but there are challenges at the beginning) 

Meat my Fish is the second book. You’ll love it if:

-You want to be transported (in this case, to the tropical paradise of St Barths) with descriptions that engage the senses, including fashion, recipes, and lifestyle.

-You love stories about strong women learning to stand on their own two feet despite the challenges.

-You’re looking for romantic suspense and lots of steamy scenes.

You may want to skip if:

-You’re a vegetarian!

-You want a story where the billionaire is the good guy.

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